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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Nails

Hey guys! I decided to do winter/holiday themed nails. Sorry it's a little late, I did my nails last week but completely forgot to blog about them! My thumb has a snowman and my other fingers have candy canes. Here's how to get winter-y nails!

1. Paint a base coat to protect your nails and to make them chip less. I'm using Sally Hansen's Advanced Hard As Nails Nylon and Retinol Strengthener. Let dry

2. Paint two coats on your nails, painting your thumb blue and your other fingers white. Let dry
3. Paint one small dot in white on your thumb using a dotting tool (I'm using a pencil with a pin stuck in the eraser) in the lower third of your nail.
4. Paint 2 more dots, one in the middle and one at the tip, of your nail. The dot in the middle should be bigger than the top dot but smaller then the dot at the tip of your nail. Let dry
5. While waiting for your thumb to dry, paint about five lines in red on your other fingers, to look like a candy cane, using a thin brush. Let dry

6. Once you're thumb is dry, use the dotting tool to make two dots using a black nail polish on the smallest white dot for the eyes. Also, paint  three or four dots on the snowman's body for buttons. Then, using a thin brush, add arms to the snowman by painting two thin lines coming out of the middle dot, using black nail polish.
7. Using a red nail polish, create the snowman's scarf using a thin brush.

That's it! Happy Holidays!

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