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Monday, July 1, 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick Foundation Review

Hey everyone! I went to a nearby Walmart a few days ago, and found Maybelline's new Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick Foundation. It was mentioned in a Seventeen magazine a couple months ago, and ever since then, I've been on the hunt for this. When I was at Walmart, a lady was stocking the shelves, and I saw a glimpse of this foundation, and pretended to look intently at the they Baby Lips display :) I, of course, ended up knocking a couple Baby Lips off of the racks, because I am so stealthy. So stealthy, that I occasionally trip over lint.
I bought the shade 115, which is a near perfect match for me. They had 12 shades in the display, 110, 115, 120, 130, 220, 230, 235, 240, 310, 330, 340, and 355. This foundation comes in a stick format, which houses .32 ounces of product, and has a gel to powder consistency. There are two layers of product in this foundation. In the center there is a mattifying formula, and on the outside of the stick is the foundation. At first glance, it appears as the anti-shine core is white, but it is actually transparent. It claims to be a anti-shine foundation, with light to medium coverage. I found that this statement is true.
I have very confusing skin, that I categorize as "extreme combination" skin. Basically, it is either extremely dry or extremely oily, and often both at the same time, with patches of dryness on an oily surface, or vice versa. Pretty much, it's just a huge pain. To make matters worse, I also have acne, and my skin is fairly sensitive. This foundation is perfect for my skin type, because it mattifys the oily sections of my skin, doesn't cling to the dry patches, and doesn't aggravate my acne, or my sensitive skin. Yay!!!
The foundation does in fact provide light to medium coverage, and conceals redness and minor blemishes. It also is very blend-able, and only takes about half a minute to apply it. I apply it directly from the tube in streaks, and the blend it with my fingers. It lasted about 6 hours for me, and would be very easy to touch up. It doesn't have a strong fragrance, but you might notice a slight sunscreen-y scent if you sniff the foundation. If so, the smell would probably be the least of your problems, since from that point on, all of your family and friends would bring up your weird habits every time you see each other:) Still, the scent is kind of odd, as it doesn't have any SPF to my knowledge. I have heard that it costs about $8.99 at most drugstores, but I bought mine for $6.94 at Walmart, so prices vary depending on the store and location.
I am obsessed with this foundation, and I think it's great for summer, and year round. I love it! Have you tried Maybelline's new Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick Foundation yet? I'd love to know what you think!

Grade: A+!

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