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Friday, January 18, 2013

Nutra nail gel perfect review

Hey everyone! I bought Nutra Nail's Gel Perfect gel nail polish awhile back, but haven't written a blog about it yet, so I decided to. I picked up a pack of two at Grocery Outlet for about $9, and I'm sure glad that I didn't pay full price (about $11-$16 each). I love Grocery Outlet though, and if you have one near you, definately check out the aisle with makeup. A lot of their products are about 75% off the original price, and have brands like Physicians Formula, Maybelline, L'oreal, and Revlon. Anyway, when I got this, I was super excited, since I have always wanted a gel manicure but didn't want to spend the money on a starter kit in case I disliked it as much as this. I was extremely disapointed with the results. The instructions say to first apply one coat of activator, and then imediately afterward to brush on the gel color and repeat, and then one more coat of activator. The smell of the activator really bugged me. I can't quite explain the scent but it's extremely strong and disgusting. The color is very sheer and it takes multiple coats to get a good color. Also, the activator works like glue, and if you get any on your hand, it stays for awhile unless you remove it with nail polish remover. Also, it chipped almost imediately. When I was finished, I was extremely disapointed, and removed it imediately, only to find that it takes approximately 10 minutes to get it off. Repurchase? Never ever. Have you ever had success with at home gel manis?

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