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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Jessie's Girl Nail Polish in Glee

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been forever since I wrote a post, life's just been so busy with school and homework, so it's hard to find time to blog. Also, my new obsession with one of the best shows in the world, LOST probably doesn't help either. This week, I'm wearing a Jessie's Girl High Intensity Nail Polish in the color Glee. Glee is one of those colors that's just so pretty that I have to just stare at it all day, rolling my fingers back and forth so the sparkles catch the light. Then someone rudely brings me back to reality by saying, "Heellllooo, Earth to Carrieeee." Glee for me is slightly reminiscent of wraping paper. It brings me back to right before a birthday party, wrapping a present and anxiously waiting. It also reminds me of mermaid's tails. Okay, I haven't officially seen one, but I love books about teenagers turning into mermaids (don't worry, it's not that weird a book choice, I'm still in middle school), so I think that I've kind of figured out what they should look like. I've never been a huge fan of mythical beings like unicorns, but for some reason mermaids intrigue me. I think it's the concept of looking slightly like a human, but being able to swim insanely quickly in water. I remember a show that I used to watch called H₂0 which was about mermaids who led completely normal teen lives, and they sped through water, beating boats by a long shot. Being not the best swimmer in the world, I was amazed with their speed. Glee is a holographic nail polish, and appears either a dark blue or sea green, depending on the lighting. Because it's a holo polish, small flecs of sparkles are visible, but from a distance, it appears to be a blue-green, almost metalic, color. The picture below doesn't do Glee justice, it's a truly gorgous color, and the picture doesn't even begin to capture it's beauty. I've been wearing this nail polish for 5 days now, and it has two major chips, and five minor chips. Honestly, that's about average wear time for me. I'm really hard on my nails, since my fingers are always doing something so that probably shortens wear time. I love Glee! (I'm talking about the nail polish FYI, that wasn't just a random outburst about a TV show...although that's totally the kind of thing that I would do) Bye!

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